Rivelan is the solo project of artist/producer Nowell Valeri. Rivelan’s productions are primarily rooted in the music of Valeri’s youth, ranging from 80s pop hits and 90s alt rock to hip hop, industrial and film scores.
Thematically, Rivelan looks to the dark literary and cinematic landscapes of dystopian sci fi and surreal horror genres, while simultaneously taking a more grounded, real-world interest in psychology and the faults of human perception. Black Rainbow Blues, Rivelan’s 2019 debut album, delved deeply into this territory, exploring psychological disturbance, substance abuse and conspiracy theories, among other topics.

Rivelan’s sophomore release, currently in production, unapologetically cranks up the noise and chaos and plunges yet deeper into the darkness.

UPDATE 3/3/2023: Track 1 of Rivelan’s second album is released! Listen to 16000 Days now